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    Tenerife will give you great adventures, everything depends on You. We offer the best activities with local experts. Explore the island with us! 

What is our mission?

We would like to show you the beauty of Tenerife through our activities. Our mission is exploring and sport in the same time. If we see happy and tired faces after our trips we think we did a great job. We offer the best adventures with local experts. Discover the island with Tenerife -Adventures. Just relax after a sporty and healthy day in our accommodations. Check our offers.


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Would you like to spend an amazing one week in Tenerife? Get ready for an unique adventure! An active week is waiting for you, with lots of sun, sport and fun. During the active one week we will surf a lot, our experienced surf instructors will teach you from the beginner to the advanced level. Expite of that we will have the following activities: sailing between La Gomera and Tenerife, where the pilot whales and dolphins live.

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Unbelievable Beauty

The view from the beaches and from nearly any place in the island is magnificent. The north part of the island is a little bit colder with forests and green areas. It is more cultural, with lots of interesting cities and towns, like the cultural and historical La Laguna and La Orotava. We can find spanish local restaurants, art and musicians here. In the north more natural beaches and hidden places are to be discovered. One of the most unique place is Garachico with an amazing natural pool and clear water. Tenerife is beautiful, the best areas are here to do hiking and bike tours, however the south is more  popular with fun, water sports, parties, and with lots of sandy beaches. But don’t forget to visit the Masca valley. Discover the island with the help of us! For more tips check our page.

About Us

We are activity organisers.  First of all I think it is important to mention, when we moved to the island we were searching the best activities and tried as much as we could. We work with the most talented instructors and best sport clubs  and  we have an experienced and local team offering the best acticities. As we are exploring the island all time, we never give the same experience, however we try to give you the best service during the tours. We don’t like mass tourism which can be found in the island. We have the best practise to avoid it. We organise individual tours and activities for small groups, families and friends. We care about our guests, the weather conditions and the nature. We try to reserve it as much as we can. We offer healthy activities from minimum adrernlin level to the top. Everyone of us is different, therefore I advise you to choose an activity you like or always wanted to try. If you have any doubts or question, just contact us. Wishing you a nice holiday and have fun, expolre Tenerife with us!

Facebook reviews

  • 5 star review  It was an amazing week loaded with exciting programmes such as sailing, kayaking, surfing, climbing and so on. My personal favourite was riding with a scooter on mountain roads near Masca. It was my first time in Tenerife and i left it with the feeling i got most of what the island can offer...so hats off to Gabor who managed to show us the highlights of Tenerife from a local's point of view�

    thumb Adree Va

    5 star review  Két szervezett túrán vettünk részt. Pontos indulás, tökéletes helyismeret, segítőkész magatartás. Csodálatos helyeket ismertünk meg. Mindennel maximálisan elégedettek vagyunk. Köszönjük.

    thumb Angéla Takács

    5 star review  Super team, very friendly and helpful guys. We had fantastic experiences by them. I offer them kindly from the bottom of my heart! Szuper csapat, kedves es segitokesz mindenki. Fantasztikus elmenyekben volt reszunk altaluk. Mindenkinek csak javasolni tudom!

    thumb Andrea Várkonyi
  • 5 star review  Big thank you for the fantastic week I had on Tenerife! I enjoyed every moment, especially the surfing classes and the Masca trip. Super nice and super helpful team, if anyone would like to spend great and active time on Tenerife, must contact them. 🙂 Nagyon köszönöm a csodálatos hetemet nektek Tenerifén. Minden percét élveztem, különösen a szörf leckéket és a Masca túrát. Ha valaki igazán tartalmasan szeretne Tenerifén nyaralni, mindenképp keresse meg őket. Igazi szupercsapat 🙂

    thumb Csilla Ondok

    5 star review  Nagyon jó programokon vettünk részt, mint a Masca túra, Északi túra és rappel, mindezt Péter idegenvezetésével, aki rengeteg szuper képet készített! A delfines kajakozás és a bálna les szuper élmény! Köszönjük nektek Gábor es Péter!

    thumb Ivett Stattner

    5 star review  Köszönjük szépen a segítséget, a szervezést. A bálna néző túra fantasztikus volt, a hajó kapitánya nagyon kedves, vicces és lelkes volt. A bálnák lenyűgözőek 🙂

    thumb Hajni Váradi
  • 5 star review  Perfekt

    thumb Róbert Halász

    5 star review  Fantasztikus 2 napot töltöttünk Péterrel, aki olyan helyekre vitt el minket, ahova magunktól soha nem jutottunk volna el! Gyönyörű időben, izgalmas programokban volt részünk, anélkül, hogy zsúfoltnak vagy fárasztónak éreztük volna a menetrendet. Ráadásként igazán autentikus éttermekben tudtunk ebédelni/vacsorázni, ahol kulináris élményekben sem volt hiány! Köszönjük a profi szervezést és az egyedi programokat!

    thumb Rita Tuza

    5 star review  Did canyoning/repelling at Los Arcos. Great trip in cool nature! Not very demaning fysicaly, more mantaly if U are sceared of hights 🙂 But I like that!!

    thumb Ola Hansson