La Laguna – an university city with full of energy

La Laguna is with full of life. It is the most vibrant and one of the nicest town in Tenerife. The historical center of the city is belonging to the UNESCO World Heritage. The layout of La Laguna provided many colonial towns in South America. We can find narrow streets, historical buildings, concert halls, theaters, inviting tapas bars, hand made small shops and typical canary restaurants here. Nearly every week is a Fiesta / Festival with lots of energy and happiness. The town has a youthful power, and Tenerife’s first University was founded here as well. People like living here due to the fact it is in a valley close to the hills with fresh air and pleasant temperature in the summer times, however this is the place where you can feel the “Canarian winter”. Discover the historical center of the city and enjoy the best foods in the local tapas bars. This is cheaper than the south region and more cultural.

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