Hidden but most beautiful shores of Tenerife

Tenerife’s most beautiful and natural beaches, pools and beaches are waiting for you! Discover Tenerife’s most unique natural volcanic pools.

The crowded sandy beaches are easy to be found, but the hidden beauty is harder to be discovered.

With our guides you can reach the most unique beaches and volcanic pools. This program is recommended for everyone. During this day trip we can reach 8-10 beaches, all depends on where you would like to have a bath.

We will go to the south, southeast, and north of Tenerife. Do you want to jump from the cliffs to the crystal clear waters or just want to swim in the warmer natural pools? Do you want to dive? Everything is up to you!

Duration: 9-17am.

Difficulty: Easy, sometimes moderately difficult or harder volcanic areas. Hidden pools are often a long walk down in the rocky volcanic places.

Price – with your rented car

For 2 persons: 55 EUR / person / tour

For 3 – 4 persons: 45 EUR / person / tour

Price with transfer

For 2 persons: 69 EUR / person / tour

For 3 for 4 people: 65 EUR / person / tour

Prices includes:

English or Spanish guide  

Westsuit & snorkeling equipments

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