Orotava Tenerife – Spanish culture

Orotova is a very charming city on the north, close to Puerto de La Cruz and part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage. In the heart of the city you would find by every corner interesting exhibitions and traditional Spanish houses with magnificent view to the hills and ocean. The most famous and biggest park is Hijuela del Botánico. The other beautiful Spanish garden is Jardines del Marquesado. The conquerors built this city during the 16th century. In 1705, due to a big earthquake most part of it was destroyed. The Spanish sailed from here to nearly everywhere to the world to sell sugarcane. They could built these beautiful palaces due to the fact they became reach by selling the”gold product”. Before the Spanish, the Guanchos lived here and loved this area thanks to it’s  rich soil and fresh waters, creeks coming from the mountains.

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