Tenerife Anaga trekking tours – hidden places

The beauty of Anaga and hiking through in the mountains are just simply perfect and remarkable.

Duration: 9-17am.

From the south of Tenerife 1 hour drive, then the trip is 3-4 hours. Lunch, then return. Difficulty: easy, sometimes moderately difficult. La Laguna is about a half-hour drive away from the village we will go. The 5 km long and 270 meters elevation can be made easily even for children and older generations. However, somehow you have to travel on a thin exposed trekig route. After a round trip, you can have lunch at the local French & Canarian restaurant (18 euro / person – salad salad, 10 to 15 kinds of optional dishes – main course – dessert – and water or coffee)

Clothes needs to be appropriate to weather, comfortable shoes, and some drink and food during the hiking tour. The excursion can be combined on demand by climbing the cliff, where you can descend down with a rope down a 20 meter stretch.

Price without transfer with guest’s rented car 

  • 50 EUR / person / tour 

Price with transfer 

  • 70 EUR / person / tour

The price does not include lunch, but our guests have the opportunity to dine in one of the best French or Canary restaurants, which we offer to do so. 


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